Allama Iqbal Open University will be holding a National Graduate Conference in the early spring 2017. This conference is planned for providing a platform to the research students and their mentors to share their work in progress as well as their completed yet un-published work. AIOU has already conducted four mega conferences in past two years. We are now stepping into a collaborative effort of all faculties at AIOU. A graduate conference is a forum at which we provide opportunity the graduate students (Masters and above) to share their research work that has already been finalized or is in process. The first graduate conference at AIOU is being planned for all the four faculties together. This will add an extraordinary element of thinking beyond the limits of disciplines and bringing up the ideas of interdisciplinary conversations as well as innovative research ideas.
Graduate students from around the country are invited to submit their proposals and we shall cluster them with reference to the disciplines they are researching in. We shall have the session chairs of the relevant disciplines to comment and suggest improvements in your research work before you go ahead towards publishing. AIOU already has launched eight research journals in which quality research papers are being published, you can get a chance to submit your papers for publication in these journals at the end of the conference. We are also inviting skilled and known experts of academic writing to conduct pre and post conference workshops.


  1. To provide graduate students a forum to share their research work and research findings.
  2. To enable the graduate students for developing their research works into publishable literature.
  3. To offer a space for inter-disciplinary interaction for developing cross-disciplinary research proposals and to bring innovation in research at graduate level.